Ask any teacher, and they’ll tell you teaching is the toughest profession in the world, but they wouldn’t trade it for anything.


Here are few of the top benefits of the teaching profession. If you can see yourself in any of these statements, teaching just may be the right profession for you.


Positively impact the future of your community and the world

Teachers have the unique opportunity to help shape the lives of the next generation of leaders and community members. Beyond ensuring the mastery of  academic skills - reading, math, science, etc. - teachers play a pivotal role in the social-emotional development of students - perseverance, accountability, conscientiousness, etc. - all skills that contribute greatly to leading a successful life, developing an effective workforce and building strong communities.


Love your job and live with a deep sense of purpose

Being a teacher is so much more than a job. It is a calling. It is a mission. It is life-altering for the students and for the teacher. Some even say it’s the hardest job you will ever love. For those who are born to teach, nothing is more satisfying than knowing you are changing a young person’s life for the better.


Experience personal growth … be a student for life

Educators possess an inherent thirst for knowledge and learning. Being in an environment of expected learning fuels the fires for personal growth. Whether it’s building content knowledge or learning more about the art of teaching, being a teacher keeps the mind engaged as we continually learn throughout our careers.


Inspire generations of change and prove that one person can make a difference

Everyone has that one special teacher who made a difference in their lives. The teacher who truly connected with you, held your feet to the fire when you needed it and celebrated your successes no matter how small. The person who saw the potential in you even when you couldn’t see it in yourself. As a teacher, you will have the unique opportunity every day to help an entire community of learners build the confidence and sense of self they need to go out into the world and make a difference. Your actions will ripple through society for years to come when that student, in turn, makes a difference in the lives of others.


Be a trailblazer and motivate other teachers by your example

Some people are naturally inclined to lead. They’re the first to try new things and always looks for ways to do things better. These people aren’t satisfied with the status quo. They make things happen. The teaching profession provides an opportunity for these natural leaders to innovate in the classroom and inspire others to do the same.  Without even trying, these leaders are impacting an ever-expanding circle of people simply by being themselves. You could be that person.


Experience the joy of working with children and encouraging them to dream big

By virtue of being called to the profession, educators are simply “people people.” They flourish and are energized by being around others, particularly when they see the lights of acknowledgement or “getting it” come alive in a young person’s eyes. Very little in this world is more gratifying than experiencing that moment when a student is able to grasp a concept, master a skill or pass along new-found knowledge to another because of you. The teaching profession offers these life-changing moments every day.

Five first-year teachers document the challenges and triumphs of their first 9 months in the classroom. Using camcorders, they recorded their lives in and outside the classroom, allowing us to experience teaching from the teacher's point of view. "The First 9 Months" is part of the Kansas State University College of Education's "A Walk in My Shoes" series.